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Luxury Swiss watchmaker, RJ-Romain Jerome is no stranger to weird and wonderful watches. The company has a number of video game inspired timepieces on their roster, including ones for Tetris, Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. Now our favourite big ape gets a turn, with Donkey Kong receiving a limited edition run thanks to a collaboration with Nintendo.

With only 81 pieces being released, the RJ X Donkey Kong watch is constructed in a 46 mm titanium case, together with integrated ball-and-socket joints to help with wrist adjustment.

donkey kong rj romain jerome

Donkey Kong is of course the main focus, appearing at 12 o’clock, with Mario (when the game was released in 1981 he was known only as Jumpman), an axe and those nasty barrels also making an appearance, all pixelated and painted in the original game’s colours. The watch is also waterproof up to 30 metres, and contains Swiss Made mechanical self-winding movement with a power reserve stretching to two days of use.

Being a limited edition, the RJ X Donkey Kong is not going for a fistful of quarters, quite a bit more unfortunately, in fact $16 500. For that price you have to be quite a committed fan of Mr Kong.

donkey kong back of watch


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