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While releases for the PS Vita are not always flowing thick and fast, they have luckily not dried up. The latest game ties in the wacky characters from Warner Bros., exploding them onto the Vita via Looney Tunes Galactic Sports by developers Virtual Toys.  

As can be expected the sports you partake in are not as straightforward as one would think, noting also that all this is set on Mars and hosted by local boy, Martin the Martian.

Some of the challenges include helping Bugs Bunny to first place inSpace Races, taking aim with Daffy in Galactic Archery, and smacking Taz in a bout of Space Boxing. As you play you get to earn XP, which in turn unlocks other characters, each coming with a specific skill set.

There are also a number of gadgets provided by the illustrious ACME corporation, which can be purchased by collecting coins.  

Not only catering for solo events, Looney Tunes Galactic Sports also makes use of the Vita’s Ad Hoc mode to allow you to play against pals.

We can’t provide you with an official release date for Looney Tunes Galactic Sports just yet, but will keep you posted. 


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