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Before E3 2016 earlier this year, Microsoft was rumoured to have two new consoles in the works. One of them was Project Scorpio, a console that we are yet to see in full, it's an offering that major game developers are excited about. The other was a slimmer, slightly updated, version of the current next-gen console - the Xbox One S

At the time, no official release date was touted for the console, but now Major Nelson (Xbox's resident blogger) has spilled the beans, with a 2 August Stateside debut forthcoming. Grabbing gamers' attention at this stage is the 2 TB launch edition console, with pre-orders still ongoing via the Microsoft Store. Sadly, pre-order status is only open to select regions, and South Africa has fallen short of making the cut once again. 

As such, it's yet another waiting game for when South Africa will receive the Xbox One S. Hopefully though, it will not take as long as the original Xbox One did. Waiting it out might prove a better option though, as the less expensive 1 TB and 500 GB variants of the Xbox One S are still making their way to retailers 

Sporting a body 40% smaller than its predecessor, as well as support for 4K/HDR video, the Xbox One S offers plenty to be excited about. 


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