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In October last year, Microsoft unveiled two new Windows 10 specific devices. As we near the same mark for 2016, the company's Instagram account was active over the weekend, with an image of what is believed to be a redesigned Surface Book 2 notebook. 

The previous year's iteration featured a supremely unique fulcrum hinge, which looked great in slo-mo promo videos, but left an unsightly gap in real life when the device was closed. That gap meant dust had an easy way of reaching both the Surface Book's screen and keyboard, with many owners complaining about that very fact. In the months, following its release, reports suggested Microsoft would ditch the hinge for the next iteration of Surface Book.   

If the Instagram post is to be believed, as Windows Central and The Verge say it should be, then it won't be long before Microsoft unveil the Surface Book 2 sans fulcrum hinge. The device will likely be shown after IFA 2016, which starts later this week, as Microsoft will attempt to give the Surface Book 2 its own platform to shine.     

As far as other details for the Surface Book 2 go, apart from the redesigned hinge, little is known. It may not be the only device that Microsoft showcase, however, as it's reported that the manufacturer is working on three Surface-branded AIOs (All-In-One) desktop offerings as well.    

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