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Earlier this year, we got our first taste of a Microsoft branded Lumia device, the Microsoft Lumia 535 (Review). Since then, the thought of seeing a new device featuring the Nokia logo was a distant memory… that was until Microsoft announced the debut of two new Nokia feature phones. Although they do not bare the Lumia logo, or any real semblance of a smartphone, the Nokia 105 and 105 Dual SIM are designed to appeal to first time phone users, according to Microsoft.


Despite its lack of an app ecosystem or Windows Phone OS, the Nokia 105 range does feature one important element, namely a very appealing price tag which discerning phone users will be glad to hear is an estimated R245. Costing roughly the same as a trip to the movies for a family of five, what does the Nokia 105 offer?

Up front is a 1.45" LCD screen, which will showcase Microsoft's rather spartan-looking Nokia Series 30+ operating system. Added to this, is a removable 800 mAh battery, which Microsoft says, delivers up to 15 hours of talk time for both the single and dual SIM variants. Speaking of which, both variants will tout mini SIM cards to operate, with the single SIM's standby time listed at 35 days, and 25 days for the Nokia 105 Dual SIM.

According to Microsoft South Africa, both options will be released locally later this month. The company also states that the associated taxes and subsidies from network operators, should not affect the R245 RRP of the Nokia 105 range, which we hope to be true.   


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