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Netflix's Castlevania series is one of the most hotly anticipated animated offerings arriving in 2017, but very little is known about the project. For the most part, it will be dealing with the storyline from the Castlevania III game, with Dracula and the Belmonts serving as respective antagonists and protagonists. 

Apart from beautiful looking trailer that debuted a couple months ago, the finer details of the series remain a mystery. Until now, however, with producer Adi Shankar taking to his YouTube channel to reveal the voice cast for Castlevania. 

In his video, Shankar appears alongside Graham McTavish (Creed), who will be voicing Dracula. With the bad guy taken care of, pulling duty on the side of good is Richard Armitage (The Hobbit Trilogy), as Trevor Belmont. Joining the pair are James Callis (Battlestar Galactica) as Alucard and Emily Swallow (The Mentalist) as Lisa Tepes, who is the wife of Dracula and mother of Alucard. 

With Netflix a little bare in terms of original animated TV series, Castlevania should be a noteworthy addition. Hit play on the video below to hear what Dracula will sound like, as well as checking out the teaser trailer too. 


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