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When it comes to the world of supercomputers, speed is king. With faster processors being made every quarter, we now have a new reigning champ - the Sunway TaihuLight. The Chinese supercomputer, along with being the world's fastest according to website Top500, is also solely powered by components manufactured in China. 

In terms of speed, the Sunway TaihuLight can muster 93 petaflops thanks to its 260-core ShenWei 26010 processor setup, which allows 40 960 node system to kick into high gear. To better put its processing speed and power in perspective the closest rival (Tianhe-2) to the Sunway TaihuLight can manage 33.85 petaflops. As such, it leads by quite some distance. 

The fact that all its components came from its native land is slightly ironical, as Top500 notes, with a 2015 United States embargo forcing the Chinese manufacturers of the TaihuLight to up their collective processor game. To that end, the plan to use Intel's Xeon Phi processors for the next iteration of Chinese supercomputer had to be scrapped. As fate would have, it turned out quite well for TaihuLight's makers. That said, if the next iteration does indeed go for the Xeon Phi processor, the petaflop speed could reach as high as 100 petaflops.


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