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You can never have too much happiness, or if you are media junky/gamer, too much storage. At least so seems the thinking behind the latest expandable storage offering from Fantom.

The company has brought a whopping 5 TB worth of extra space to players’ Xbox One consoles with its newest storage hub. The external storage connects to the USB port, as is the case with most portable storage that you would connect to your console. The good news is that while you sacrifice one precious port to it, you do get three USB 3.0 ports in return. Also in its favour, the storage hub draws power directly from the console, so you don’t have to contend with yet another power brick cluttering your desk or entertainment centre.

While 5 TB may seem excessive at the present, it may not seem so for long, considering that games have been steadily increasing in size, as developers push the boundaries of how much graphical delight they can squeeze out of a 4K screen. According to the company, the 5 TB unit can hold a respectable 125 40 GB drives. And if that is still not enough for you, it also allows you to daisy-chain in yet more storage.

For what it offers, it’s not totally at of reach, being priced at $250 (approximately R3 000) Stateside or $225 if you buy directly from the manufacturer’s site.


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