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You’ve got to hand it to Kevin Bacon – the man knows how to make chillingly good horror movies. From his early efforts, such as the classic Flatliners, to A Stir of Echoes and then Hollow Man, not to mention his turn on the darkly compelling The Following, each managing to provide some solid white knuckled on-the-edge-of-your-seat with your heart in your throat viewing.

Now, it looks like he will be adding another horror thriller to his roster, with the newest trailer for The Darkness shimmying into the light.

Things start off mostly normal, with your average suburban family, including, mom, dad and kids, the youngest one becoming the source of the unfolding ominous horror. For once, the kid’s name isn’t Caleb, which can only mean that Satan or the Devil isn’t involved for a change.

That is not the only source of the things that go bump in the night or leave you screaming in terror - Native American spirit possession is hinted at, and in tone at least, it looks like there are shades of Stir of Echoes in this one.

The movie is due to drop in May Stateside. In the meantime, turn the lights down low, close the curtains and take a look at the trailer below.


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