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Passport. Tickets. Money. It's an age old checklist that avid travellers often live by. Aiming to take care of at least two parts of that list is TripIt, a newly updated travel app designed to store a user's important info. The standard version of TripIt is free to download and use, but for those opting for a Pro version, it will set you back $50 per year.

Part of the update is the enhancements made to the Traveler Profile feature, as it now features the ability to store scanned copies of one's passport or ID. Added to this, is the facility to create profiles for important contacts, such as the kennel housing your pets during your vacation, or the details of your local security service. According to TripIt, the document storing function is said to store almost any document possible, as well as 20 preset document and contact templates for use.        

The app is designed by Concur, which delivers travel related services to more than 15 million people in over 100 countries around the world. Along with a storage facility for Passports and travel documents, TripIt can help users better plan their next excursion. Users can forward all their hotel reservation, car rental and travel confirmations to TripIt, and they will create a handy little itinerary for users to reference on the fly.

With a far cleaner silhouette and layout also built into this new update, TripIt is available to freely download on both iOS and Android.


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