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Those coming from the early 90s will remember a fashion craze called moonbags. Highly practical yet thoroughly unsexy, moonbags now can be found mainly on Fedora-tipping gentleman. Nike, however, is giving their swing on the moonbag, by incorporating it onto their latest sandals.

Only infecting the States for now, the new Stash slides is a new take on Nike’s Benassi JDI slides, incorporating a zip and a pouch as the strap that crosses your feet. Practical yes. Sexy no. But chances are come summer 2020, everyone will be sporting these on beaches across South Africa.

As for what you will be able to carry in the new Nike Stash, we would think that every local worth his salt will stick a small bottle of Aromat in there. As for more suggestions, this from PEDESTRIAN.TV:

“Keep your toenail clippings in here!” – Courtney
 “I would pack it with silver coins, so I rattle when I walk and each foot weighs 1 kg” – James
“Put baked beans in there. A little pool snack” – Courtney
“A small switchblade in case someone cuts in front of me at the beach shower” – James
“Fill them with tea bags so when pool water gets in there, you’ll have a nice handy drink” – Mel
 “I’d fill it with hot chips so birds would follow me and people would think I’m the pied piper of seagulls” – Courtney
 “Fill them with Switch games” – Matt

The Nike Stash slides are $50 from Nike Stateside, wear with care.


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