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For those venturing out into the untamed and uncharted great outdoors, satellite phones make the ideal companion in the event of an emergency. The problem is they are typically highly expensive and often quite unwieldy. Now though a mobile satellite services company has introduced another alternative to the local market, in the form of Thuraya SatSleeve, which brings satellite connectivity to the far more common iPhone.

The SatSleeve, which is apparently only slightly larger than the iPhone, provides users with the ability to turn their iPhone into a satellite smartphone that allows them to have reliable connectivity beyond the coverage of traditional terrestrial networks. This makes it ideal if you are planning a trip to a rural corner of Africa, or for that matter, venturing into the Amazon.  

No such place as too far away

According to Thuraya Telecommunications Company, the SatSleeve represents “a significant breakthrough and game changer in the mobile satellite industry.” The company enthused that the offering is the world’s first product to offer easy integration of a smartphone with satellite connectivity, delivered over Thuraya’s satellite network.

“The launch of Thuraya’s SatSleeve represents a major innovation in the satellite industry,” commented Thuraya’s vice president of Market Development, T. Sanford Jewett.

Jewett added that the product dramatically improves access to satellite telephony for travelers and remote workers alike, continuing that iPhone users now have a versatile and affordable means of calling, texting and connecting apps via satellite from the world’s most remote locations.

But wait, there’s more

The company also introduced its Thuraya IP+, which it asserted is the “fastest and lightest mobile satellite broadband terminal available in the market.” The product apparently boasts “extremely fast” IP speeds, ensuring quick and reliable access to broadband data services over Thuraya’s satellite network. Furthermore, the broadband terminal can cater to a range of uses, the likes of live high quality video broadcasting, web browsing, email, social media, data transfer and VoIP as well as access to corporate networks from remote locations.

Weighing in at 1.4 kg, the Thuraya IP+ is particularly aimed at various mission-critical operations such as news-gathering, telemedicine and disaster response. At this time, prices for both products have not yet been revealed.


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