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It looks like PS Plus members are in for a treat, as the impending free titles for September have been announced on the PlayStation Europe twitter account. First up is Destiny 2 (review), accompanied by God of War 3 Remastered. The former is set to receive a new expansion, The Forsaken, next month, while the latter is still a solid title that sees a very angry Kratos rampage through an exquisitely rendered Ancient Greece to settle an old score with the Gods.

With these two games alone, Sony can hardly be accused of dumping old, lesser wanted titles on its subscribers, especially as Destiny 2 currently costs R1 000 in the store. That, in fact, is a good R100 more than the cost of a year’s worth of PlayStation Plus. On its own, September makes the subscription worthwhile.

If two heavy hitter games weren’t treat enough, Destiny 2 is available a week early, so that players can take advantage of the 24 hour free trial of the new Gambit mode in The Forsaken.

Rounding out the new games that will be available the first week of September are Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition on the PS3 and PS4/PS Vita, QUBE Director’s Cut on the PS3 and PS4, Foul Play and Sparkle 2 on the PS Vita.

Additionally, you can check out the duo of trailers below, one for the games themselves and the second for Destiny 2: Forsaken.



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