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In February this year, Qualcomm debuted its lineup of wearable chipsets called Snapdragon  Wear 2100. Those processors were specifically designed for use in Android Wear devices. Now, Qualcomm has unveiled a new range of Snapdragon Wear CPUs named 1100, which are aimed at powering the slightly lower tier of the wearables spectrum, at least as far as processing power goes. 

The range was detailed at Computex 2016 this morning, with the Wear 1100 units targeted at devices with very specific functionality requirements, such as fitness trackers and smart headsets. The company also noted that the Wear 1100's could also be used in location-aware toys, similar to the AI-esque robots marketed to children, akin to the MiP Robot (review).

Qualcomm notes that the Wear 1100 range is more compact than its more powerful brethren, while also serving up some much needed specifications. They will be available with either 3G of 4G/LTE connectivity, as well as work via Bluetooth (generation not confirmed) or Wi-Fi aided commands. Furthermore, they will tout Qualcomm's own iZat location engine to facilitate geofencing and cell-ID positioning. The American multinational says the Snapdragon Wear 1100 SoC will be available for OEMs as of today.


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