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Any fan of the popular discussion based forum Reddit, would have undoubtedly stumbled across one of its famous AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, were well known (and some less well known) celebrities interact on a personal level with Reddit users. As popular as one of these sessions can be, they're often difficult to follow, especially when the number of forum members grow over a thousand. That's where Reddit's new free AMA app is hoping to come in, by offering a streamlined view of all the AMA sessions they might find interesting.

One of the key features available in this app, is to aggregate all the messages, questions and answers in a particular thread, while also filtering out any questions that have not been answered. This is a welcome addition as threads can often erupt into a state of anarchy, due to the lack of proper curation.

Furthermore, the AMA app will notify users of any new AMA taking place that they might be interested in, as well as keeping them abreast of which AMA thread starters are active. In addition, users will receive updates as to which AMA sessions are trending, and have the ability to vote questions and answers up or down to prioritise their significance, or lack thereof. Finally, those making use of Reddit AMA will have continued access to explore a wide variety of topics and subject matter within Reddit itself.

Whether or not this app will help streamline one's Reddit experience as desired remains to be seen. Having just launched today, iOS users will be the first to try out its functionality and put its curating and aggregating abilities to the test. Those touting an Android device, can expect an app to pop up in the coming week, according to reports.


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