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If you’ve ever browsed Reddit from a desktop, you would know that the experience is far inferior than from a smartphone. Starting today, however, we might just see improvements, since Reddit is kicking off a roll-out of a new redesign. Version 1 of the desktop redesign is being presented to only about 1% of users, so don’t be surprised if nothing looks different when visiting the site.

Reddit notes that the redesign has taken more than a year to perfect, but that there are still more improvements and features to come. Those who do not like the redesign will be able to switch back, unlike the recent redesign of Snapchat.

Those who want to have a sneak peek at the redesign are welcome to do so here:

As with many good redesigns, Reddit states it listened to feedback from long-time Reddit users, beta testers and the ever-important moderators. The redesign will help engineers present new features faster than before and make Reddit more welcoming to new users. With the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal plaguing Facebook, the redesign could not have come at a better time.

So what to do if you’ve hit the redesign and now need to tell Reddit how awesome/horrible it is? r/redesign is where you need to head to, since this will now be the official place for Redditors’ feedback.



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