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Reddit seems to be working furiously on bringing its own apps to market. The company announced the release of an Android beta app yesterday, with CEO Steve Huffman taking to Reddit to detail the beta rollout, as well as confirming that an iOS version is in the works. Huffman also took the time to address the past year, as well as what the company has planned for the future.  

"We are all redditors," says Huffman. Continuing, "and we are all driven to understand why Reddit works for some people, but not for others; which changes are working, and what effect they have; and to get into a rhythm of constant improvement. We appreciate your patience while we modernize Reddit."

As such, this new app looks like a chance for Reddit to not only discover what its users want from the platform, but also change the reputation it has received in recent years as a safe haven for trolls and NSFW content.  

"Now that 2015 is in the books, it’s a good time to reflect on where we are and where we are going," Huffman's opening paragraph reads. It was indeed a tough year for Reddit, as the company came under harsh criticism for the firing of AMA (Ask Me Anything) moderator Victoria Taylor last year. The company also tried to clean up the site itself, attempting to deal with the issue of pornography in particular,” Huffman notes.

While Reddit will no doubt remain popular in 2016, this year could define how it is perceived in future, as it makes the move to mobile. 


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