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Rumours appearing around Apple's upcoming flagship phones are as predictable as EA releasing a new Madden and FIFA game each year. This week is no different, with fresh reports about the iPhone 8, and whether it will feature a tandem fingerprint sensor and home button beneath an OLED display. 

According to 9to5Mac (a reputable source in most cases), industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the the iPhone 8 will indeed tout a bezel-less OLED screen with a virtual home button, but will not feature a fingerprint reader embedded under the display. If true, it would essentially be the same setup as the Galaxy S8, with the Touch ID-enabled fingerprint scanner being placed elsewhere on the device. 

In another report, this time from MacRumors, it is suggested that the fingerprint reader will be done away with altogether, and instead be replaced by face recognition software as a means of accessing the iPhone. This too is a feature that the Galaxy S8 sports, but that device features it alongside the conventional fingerprint reader on the back.   

We're not sure this rumour can be true though, especially as Touch ID forms such an integral part of the iOS system, facilitating both access to the device, as well as payments for the iTunes store and other Apple services. Furthermore, face recognition software is not a foolproof method of securing one's device, and we doubt Apple would only have that method of security for their latest iPhone. 

With the iPhone 8 expected to launch in Q4 this year, there will certainly be more rumours forthcoming for this device. 


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