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Amid the fervour when Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices to the world a couple weeks ago, the South Korean manufacturer also showcased an interesting piece of hardware in the form of the DeX Station. Still to land in South Africa, the device has gone up for pre-order in the United States, carrying with it a $149.99 price tag. 

For those unfamiliar with the DeX Station, it's a dock that allows Galaxy S8 and S8+ (limited to those two devices for now) owners to use their smartphone in conjunction with a compatible desktop display. Samsung has touted for editing and crafting larger or more complicated documents, when the screen real estate and functionality of a smartphone won't cut it. 

There will be access to specific applications like mail, messaging and video calling, along with the MS Office Suite. We've seen a similar offering from Microsoft in the form of the Continuum Dock, but that proved far less successful than the company hoped. 

Having played around with the DeX Station at Samsung's local live stream event, it's hard to see diehard desktop PC users make the switch, but phablet and tablet owners definitely could.

All that should translate locally to R2 500 when Samsung Mobile South Africa releases the DeX in late May, which could give the S8 and S8+ an added advantage over other flagships. Hit play on the video below to see the DeX in action. 


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