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As one might expect with Display Week, currently taking place in Los Angeles, California, much of the focus is on screen technology. For Samsung Display, it affords them the opportunity to showcase some of the things they've been working, with a new prototype stretchable OLED screen being one of the main attractions. 

The screen, which is OLED in nature, measures 9.1" (diagonally) and can be rolled up, bent or even stretched before returning to its original shape. Samsung Display had the prototype unit on show, with a device pushing in the middle of the screen to demonstrate its level of elasticity. 

While it certainly made for an impressive spectacle, there is no word from the South Korean company where this new technology will be applied. As such, the much rumoured flexible display touting smartphones we've been hearing about for the past four years are still some way off. 

Moving on, Samsung Display also had a small 1.96" LCD screen too, with a 4K (3840x2160) resolution that the company said could be applied to a VR headset in future. Such a jump in display quality could be significant for Virtual Reality, with the Oculus headset currently serving up a 1080x1200 resolution. 

Much of what was on show at Display Week is still in the testing or prototype phase, but it's clear that Samsung Display is aiming to bring its technologies to devices soon. What guise they take, however, remains to be seen.      


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