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It appears as if Samsung's efforts to roll out new battery-sporting Galaxy Note 7 devices is undergoing a tough time. After an initial global recall on 2 September, the South Korean manufacturer already had a second, supposedly non-exploding batch of phablets in the US by the 21st of last month.

Unfortunately, several accounts of malfunctioning batteries have been reported for those Note 7's too. Now, Samsung is on the verge of suspending production for the devices, according to South Korean news site Yonhap, which originally broke the story of the global recall hours before Samsung confirmed it.  

Whether or not Yonhap will be right on this account remains to be seen, but the website has cited regulators in the US, China and its native Korea, raising concerns over consumer safety regarding the new batch. As such, Samsung will be forced to comply with the regulators requests and suspend production of the Galaxy Note 7. Whether or not production stops altogether is unclear at this stage.

This latest development, despite being unconfirmed for now, might place the local release of the Galaxy Note 7 in jeopardy, especially as the company stated the newly minted phablets would arrive in South Africa on 11 November. Is it time for Samsung to cut its losses and call an end to the Note 7?

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