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If you had to pick six video games for a hall of fame, which would it be? We think the first six games inducted into the new World Video Game Hall of Fame are spot on, pretty much nailing it as a start.

Hands up though, who played 1972’s Pong when it first came out? The game is credited with first introducing kids to the wonders of electronic entertainment, way back when Led Zep was climbing the charts with Black Dog. Next up is 1980’s pill gobbling Pac-Man, 1984’s Tetris, the Russian puzzler that was mired in copyright controversy,  followed by 1986's Super Mario Bros. that made Mario a household name. For loads of gamers, 1993’s Doom made for some amazingly scary gameplay, while the only game from post 2000 to make the list is 2004’s World of Warcraft, introducing MMORPG to the majority of the gaming world.

These were picked by a committee from a field of 15 finalists that also included Angry Birds, FIFA, The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, The Oregon Trail, Pokémon, The Sims, Sonic the Hedgehog and Space Invaders.

The games are cross platform, so luckily no group can lay claim to the Gaming Hall of Fame, which found a home in The Strong museum in Rochester, New York. The Strong bills itself as interactive museum devoted to the history and exploration of play. The games were selected by a selection advisory committee comprising of journalists, editors, scholars and game historians. Nomination for the Hall of Fame inductees for 2016’s games is already open.

Check out the Pong gameplay video below and then remember that this was hi-tech in the early 70s.


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