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Netflix's universe of Marvel characters continues to grow. With The Defenders currently doing the rounds on the streaming platform, the next series up for release is The Punisher, starring Jon Bernthal (Daredevil, Fury). While Netflix has not detailed when the series will land in 2018, it has served up a trailer to enjoy, as Frank Castle wields a sledgehammer with some skill.  

The latest bit of news about Netflix's The Punisher series, are the episode titles, which have been uncovered thanks to some sleuthing by fans of the series. Over the past few days, The Punisher's Twitter account sent out a number of tweets in morse code, followed by a teaser video for the series. The morse code tweets totalled 13 in all, and once deciphered, revealed the 13 episode titles for the series.

The decoded tweets are as follows:

3 AM
Two Dead Men
The Judas Goat
Cold Steel
Front Toward Enemy
Virtue of the Vicious
Danger Close
Memento Mori

Still missing, however, is when The Punisher will begin exacting vengeance. Also unknown is the extent this series will connect to the one of The Defenders. All we know for now is Daredevil's current love interest, Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll, True Blood) will feature. With Bernthal making a great impression with his cameo in the second season of Daredevil, we think The Punisher could finally give Frank Castle the treatment he deserves.


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