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Hairy. Perhaps not the best way to describe the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog, but nonetheless, Puma’s much hyped Sega collab is perhaps a bit fuzzier than expected. The shoes have made an official appearance this weekend in Berlin, as Puma launched its all-new RS-0 shoe, a reboot of their classic 80s Running System (RS), in a number of new styles.

Puma notes the textured suede upper recalls Sonic’s trademark blue fur, while yellow and green patterned patches on the side remind a bit of the in-game landscapes. Sonic’s sought after small gold rings make their way to the laces, while his trademark red shoes only get referenced by some detail on the back, including pull-on strings.

Also launched at the Berlin event were the:

  • Puma RS-O Polaroid, which takes design hints from the iconic Polaroid OneStep analog instant camera. The sneaker features a white leather upper and the Polaroid Colour Spectrum graphic on the heel.
  • The Puma RS-0 Roland inspired by the game-changing TR-808 drum machine, which features a leather black upper, reflective laces and midsole details in signature TR-808 colours – red, orange and yellow.
  • The Puma RS-0 Ader Error and PUMA RS-100 Ader Error sneakers from the collab with Seoul-based cult youth brand Ader Error.

Word on the street is that the Puma x SEGA RS-0 Sonic shoes might be coming to South Africa in early June. This has not been confirmed officially, and neither has the price.  


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