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Dammit Sony. It seems like when it comes to crossplay, the Japanese consumer electronic would rather sit at home and sulk. Earlier Fortnite players had problems switching to the Switch if they originally had a PS4 account. Now it seems like the highly anticipated Fallout 76 won't have crossplay because Sony is not playing ball.

Cnet reports (via German publication that Bethesda's executive producer and director, Todd Howard says that when it comes to crossplay in 76, well, “"Sony is not as helpful as everyone would like.” As an online multiplayer title, Fallout 76 would be substantially more entertaining if your choice of online friends is not dependent on the system they own.

Cnet notes that in the past, developers were not quick to point the finger to Sony when it came to crossplay. But now Rocket League, Minecraft and Fortnite have highlighted Sony's decisions.

As for comment from Sony? PlayStation America's CEO noted that the company is  "looking at a lot of the possibilities." A non-committal answer if ever there was one. Let’s hope Sony stops this isolationist attitude and rather work with the rest of the original equipment manufacturers. From our perspective it seems like most players have settled on a gaming system that they’re happy with, and Sony is only shooting themselves in the foot with this type of behaviour.


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