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Okay, so there’s good news and bad news if you’re a Spidey fan (or, depending if you own a PS4, good news and better news). The release date for the new Spider-Man title has been set for 7 September. The bad news is it’s a PS4 exclusive. Game Informer had some exclusive game time with the title from Insomniac Games, managing to go hands-on with web-swinging and combat action.

First impressions from their side is that, yes, your webbing sticks to building this time round, and that the process requires a certain amount of skill if you want to perfect the art. “Combining web-swinging, web-zipping, the ability to pull into a full dive, and the assorted perch and launching options meant that once I got into the rhythm of movement, I felt unstoppable.,” Kyle Hilliard writes.

Combat mechanics are also decent, and it seems that Spider-Man’s skilful use of speed and grace is not lost in the game. “Spider-Man is an acrobat, and that aspect of his heroism feels properly integrated into his need to punch faces,” Hillard notes.

As far as the baddy is concern, it seems like Mister Negative is the main suspect, with a photo-negative appearance, superhuman strength and some electrical and supernatural powers up his sleeve.

We couldn’t find information on when the title will become available for other platforms, but we would think that it will take a bit of time to swing their way.

For all of Game Informer’s coverage, head over here, with more info to come through the course of the month.  


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