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Small companies in the market for a reliable and cost-effective communication solution should look no further than the Super mobile landline (SML) PABX Wi-Fi router.  

This is a long name for an easy-to-setup, convenient device that incorporates the function of a range of different office equipment into a single gadget. These include a Wi-Fi Router, cordless phones, and PABX system for six extensions.

The SML PABX Wi-Fi router provides users with a PABX mobile landline, allowing calls to the office number to be routed directly to smartphones. Up to six users can utilise their existing iOS- or Android-powered mobile devices as an extension by downloading the Tecom IP3051 application from their device’s respective app store. Via this app, users will be able to answer calls on a smartphone that came to the office landline, forward calls to any of the other five mobile devices (extensions), and receive home- or office landline calls whilst overseas.  

The only thing a user needs to have is their own ADSL line that is then connected to the SML PABX Wi-Fi router. Like any other router, this will deliver web access to the office over Wi-Fi.

Cutting communication costs

Beyond a significant cost reduction in hardware by having one device fulfilling numerous office communication functions, users will also save on roaming charges, and calling costs. Forwarding landline (an office or home number) calls to the designated smartphones or tablets is done for free. One of the particularly notable benefits of this device is the cost cutting it can afford international travellers, road warriors, and frequent flyers, enabling them to call home from outside the country at local rates, potentially resulting in savings on crippling charges.

Calling to any of the six mobile extensions does not cost anything either, and phoning other mobile phone numbers is charged at 40c per min (landline cost). Users do not have to top up or even buy airtime, since calls are billed as landline to landline calls on their bill from Telkom.

To the point

The Super mobile landline PABX Wi-Fi router serves as a jack of all voice and data trades within the router segments. It goes for an RRP of R3 800, which includes free installation within a 20 km radius from the W.O.G.S Power Technologies office in Pretoria North. For more info contact Thomas Yinn on 061-422-8952.


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