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For some time now, Telkom has been serving up some not-to-be-missed offers via its Deal of the Month. October is no different, and is described by the service provider as a "broadband bargain." What does that entail exactly? Well they've got 15 GB worth of mixed data for a 24 month contract at R199 p/m, which is split between 5 GB of Smart Broadband, 5 GB Night Surfer and 5 GB Mobile data, as well as Huawei B315 LTE router bundled into the mix. 

Having 15 GB of data, along with an LTE router at your disposal is handy indeed, but to truly make the most of it, you need to know what you can do with it. With that in mind, we've detailed 15 things you can do with Telkom's latest Deal of the Month.

1.Enjoy LTE

First and foremost, the Telkom Deal of the Month runs on the company's widespread LTE network. As such, depending on which area of the country you're in, you can expect a maximum upload speed of 25 Mbps and download up to 90 Mbps. 

2. Stream from ShowMax

This one is a tip for those who enjoy streaming. If you own a ShowMax subscription and opt for one of the bolt-on packages from Telkom, the service becomes zero-rated, with no data being charged to customers. This then gives you access to an estimated 15 000 hours of content, which is certainly a great option for savvy consumers. 

3. Watch your favourite YouTuber

Whenever we watch a viral clip, a new movie trailer or a compilation of memes, it's usually on YouTube. The online video platform is wildly popular for a reason, but can run up the data costs if you're not careful. A video in standard definition will be 3 MB per minute, by our calculations then Telkom's Deal of the Month could give up to 83 hours worth of YouTube viewing. Can we recommend Every frame a painting?   

4. Download game demos

If you're a gamer, the current rand-dollar exchange rate is a bit of a killer, with PS4 and Xbox One titles costing in excess of R1 000. It's likely a good choice to download the demo first before making that kind of commitment. The average game demo is 5 GB a pop, so you'll be able to get three if you play your cards right. 

5. Connect on Facebook

Social media game need some tightening up? The first thing requiring your attention will be Facebook. With the social media site using up 2 MB per minute of use, you could be on it for up to 125 hours of time on it per month. That's a lot of friend requests. 

6. Make your home a hotspot

The October Deal of the Month is notable not simply for its 15 GB of mixed data, but also because it bundles a Huawei B315 LTE router as part of the offer too. Capable of producing 250 metres of Wi-Fi coverage, the B315 can easily turn your home into a Wi-Fi hotspot. 

7. Enjoy streaming on Apple Music

Prefer to stream your music rather than buying it? Then you'll be pleased to know that you can muster up to 125 hours on Apple Music and Beats Radio from the 15 GB of mixed data on offer from the Telkom October Deal of the Month. 

8. Trawl through Wikipedia

If you browse the web on a daily basis, you've likely spent a few minutes on a Wikipedia page, whether it be reading or curating. If you're addicted to doing so, you could make your way through a little less than a third of the Wikipedia library (totalling 51 GB in XML format) in a month.   

9. Gotta catch 'em all

Part of the October Deal of the Month gives users 5 GB of mobile data courtesy of Telkom. Having this on the go is certainly handy, and should you be an newly converted Pokémon Go player, it will be a must. Serving up an estimated 83 hours of augmented reality gaming on the Telkom Deal of the Month, we cannot promise that's enough time to catch 'em all. 

10. Play MMORPGs

Much like the cost of titles, gamers also have a hard time when it comes to data, specifically if they enjoy games like Overwatch or The Elder Scrolls Online. With a session of MMORPG using as much as 200 MB of data per hour, you can get quite a few good matches in before the month ends.  

11. Cure your app addiction

For app fiends, the choices available in mobile store libraries are endless. To that end, there are quite a few apps to test out before you settle on the perfect one. With an average iOS app about 23 MB in size and Android one roughly 8 MB, you could download as many as 652 and 1875 apps respectively if that's your thing. 

12. Connect up to 32 devices

Along with sporting 250 metres of Wi-Fi range, the Huawei B315 can connect with up to 32 devices. For use in a small family residence or perhaps a home office, having that many free slots available is a treat.   

13. Send a lot of email

Whether for business or pleasure, email is pretty much a necessity of modern life. If you peg an average email size at 75 kb, better get those digits cracking since you’ll be able to milk 209 715 emails from your 15 GB package. 

14. Make Skype video calls

The convenience of Skype in communicating with family or friends living overseas is simply unparalleled. Video calling in particular holds a special place in our hearts, and with this Telkom package, you will have enough data to converse about 34 hours in high quality video, or 56 hours in low quality. 

15. Enjoy podcasts to your heart’s content

The explosion in good quality podcasts is one of our favourite tech events of the past few years. While file size differs from podcast to podcast depending on length, if you assume the average podcast file size is 25 MB, you are looking at about 614 podcasts on your Telkom package. New to podcasting? Check out 99% Invisible, Make Tech Human or the Esquire Classic Podcast.


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