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Danish company Bang & Olufsen has always made great looking pieces of audio equipment, and their latest device is no different. The BeoSound Shape is a modular speaker that can be mounted to a wall, and place alongside other BeoSound Shape speakers to create all manner of geometric forms within a particular space. As such, this setup can be customised with up to 44 speakers, and will likely be made to order when it hits the market.  

Not just delivering great sound, B&O has imbued its new speaker with a number of features too. To alleviate poor indoor acoustics for example, the BeoSound Shape will also come with sound damper tiles too. Added to this is a concert-like mode that isolates specific elements within the music to create the feeling of a band playing, according to B&O. In terms of connectivity, the BeoSound Shape has a hub that allows for streaming from your mobile device, along with built-in Chromecast functionality and Apple Airplay. 

Available in 10 different colour options for the modular speakers, the BeoSound Shape does not have a definitive launch date yet, but hopefully it will land in local Bang & Olufsen stores for us to try out at the very least. Until then, hit play in the video below and enjoy the dance moves.     


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