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Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, with the 50th year of America's biggest sporting event drawing in more livestreams than ever before. The Denver Broncos took home the Vince Lombardi Trophy on the night, beating the Carolina Panthers 24-10, for anyone interested in the game itself. More intriguing to us, however, was the number of movie trailers that studios showcased on the night, with many debuting new footage for us to dissect. Here are four worth watching again.

Bare Necessities

When we first heard that Disney was doing a live action remake of The Jungle Book, we were admittedly sceptical, especially as the 1967 animated original has such a fond spot in many moviegoers’ hearts. That changed, however, when the first trailer dropped, showcasing a movie that isn't short on production value and featuring a wealth of acting talent to bring the voices of character to life. This latest trailer does the same, as we get to hear Bagheera (Ben Kingsley, Ghandi), Shere Khan (Idris Elba, Beasts of No Nation), Baloo (Bill Murray, St. Vincent) and King Louie (Christopher Walken, The Deer Hunter) in action. Click play and enjoy.


A man re-Bourne

The modern man's action hero, it's hard to think that is has been 10 years since last we saw Matt Damon play Jason Bourne. This 30 second clip for the new eponymously named film changes all that, as Bourne clearly means business.  We also see that Damon, now 45, has clearly not missed a step, looking ready to take on his off-screen buddy Ben Affleck, should he don the Batsuit. As for whether this will indeed be the final chapter in the Bourne series, we'll simply have to wait and see. Until then, give the video below a watch.

Apocalypse now

It shouldn't surprise anyone that comic book movies will dominate the box office in 2016. Aiming to reign supreme is X-Men: Apocalypse, which sees the titular mutant wreck havoc and destruction on humanity. It's up to Xavier and his merry band of X-Men then to save the day. This new clip shows off a few new elements, such as an impending nuclear war, Psylocke's (Olivia Munn, Magic Mike) powers in full swing, and the usual wanten mayhem we've come to expect from such movies. Whether or not it will top DC's Batman v Superman remains to be seen.

Choosing sides

Another Marvel movie also did its best to drum up support last night, as Captain America: Civil War asks fans to Choose their Team - #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan. Based on what we've seen of the film to date, we gotta go with Cap on this one, although personally Black Panther looks the most badass. We also get to see which Avenger has sided with Captain America and Iron-Man respectively. While there is also a big bad in the form of Baron Zemo reportedly set to join the party, hopefully this film follows the comic book series of the same name, with a major player coming to an end. Until more details emerge, watch this latest clip.


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