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Black November is just around the corner, and it’s the best month of the year for bargain-hunters. Soon, we will be seeing shopping malls filled with frenzied customers looking for products at ludicrously low prices. But it can be easy to lose focus on what you really should buy amid the flurry of Black November specials, which is why it’s always helpful to do a little bit of research before you start shopping.

Considering all the time most of us have been spending at home since the pandemic started, investing in your home entertainment system is certainly worthwhile – especially when you look at today's cutting-edge technologies in sound products. If a powerful sound system is on your checklist, here are some top products to look out for.

Good vibrations

If you want to a get a party started this festive season, you’ll need to be able to crank up the volume. LG’s ARX10 speakers were made for the occasion. With 2300 watts of sheer audio power and an impressive Bass Blast option, these speakers certainly pack a punch. They stand over 1.19m tall with 2 mighty 12” subwoofer’s, feature Bluetooth and Smart DJ functionality, allowing you to try out various sound effects and show off your mixing skills. You can also simply connect the speakers to your TV and you’ll have a home theatre system that will take watching movies to the next level.   


If you’re looking for a more compact alternative, but still want to get the vibe going, LG’s XBOOM 720W CJ45 speakers are made for the job. Not only do the 2.1 Channel speakers come with an Auto DJ, which seamlessly blends each song into the next from a connected USB stick, but they have a built-in karaoke feature. And, if no one wants to DJ, you can connect up to three mobile devices at the same time via Bluetooth to create, manage and add to the party playlist. Need more volume? The speakers feature a separate subwoofer and extra bass, and you can link two together to really double up on the decibels.

All you need is one soundbar

Ever considered the power of a soundbar? These great audio systems have made surround sound space-smart, with their slim designs, easier to set up by replacing the need for multiple speakers, and more cost-effective. They use directional speakers that can deliver immersive surround sound from one place.

LG’s Sound Bar SL4 produces a total of 300 watts of high fidelity sound using a carbon diaphragm on each woofer and, with a wireless SL4Y subwoofer adding  200 watts of bombastic bass, your home entertainment setup is sure to impress. But there’s more to the SL4 than just great sound quality. These soundbars come with AI Sound Pro, which uses artificial intelligence to automatically analyse and optimise your audio based on what you’re listening to. Voices become clearer, bass becomes fuller, and instruments sound more distinct based on the musical genre. The SL4 features a built-in FM radio system and can be connected to your phone or your LG TV via Bluetooth if you’d prefer to listen to a personal playlist. Setting up a modern home entertainment system has never been easier.

LG Sound Bar SL4

The age of the at-home cinema

Creating that home-cinema atmosphere is simpler and more affordable than it used to be. With LG’s XBOOM Go PL5 speakers, for example, surround sound is made even more accessible as you can connect up to two of them to an LG TV as a portable and powerful multichannel sound system. Planning a big party this holiday? You can even link up to 100 of the XBOOM PL5’s and essentially turn your home into a music festival.

These innovative speakers are water resistant and have an 18-hour batter life. They also leverage Meridian Audio, a pioneering audio technology, that plays on the psychological aspects of how we perceive sound called ‘psychoacoustics’. Meridian Audio makes sounds more three-dimensional, and uses Digital Signal Processing to align high, mid, and low sound frequencies, so that sounds are reproduced more accurately. For a surround sound offering, connect them to your LG TV as powerful rear speakers. Or, for the app-savvy customer, download the LG XBOOM app and connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth. Then, explore everything from equalisers and light settings to jukebox-style playlists.  

LG XBOOM Go PL5 speakers

Another great sound system that’s sure to deliver the ultimate home cinema experience is LG’s Home Theater LHD687 system. It’s designed for easy installation with a stress-free and simple setup. The system boasts 1250 watts of power to create 4.2 channel surround sound, integrated dual subwoofers, and Bluetooth connectivity. These speakers are made for movie lovers. They also boast a built-in FM radio function and potent dual 6’5” subwoofers. As they say, the age of cinema isn’t dead. It just moved to our living rooms.

Big deals, better tech

With all these modern and innovative sound products out there, this Black November is a perfect opportunity for anyone to get their hands on speakers that will shake up the party or deliver truly immersive surround sound for the ultimate at-home entertainment setup. And, with LG, you won't need to wait for Black Friday, because Black November deals run for the whole month. Keep your eyes and ears peeled to make the most of big deals and even better tech. For more product information, visit  


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