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Yes, more comic book movie news. This time one of Marvel's fan favourites, Wolverine, comes into focus. The third installment in Logan's standalone outings is currently under development with a rumoured title already decided upon, according to Screen Rant. The name for this third film is reportedly going to be Weapon X. 

The name certainly fits, as it was one of Wolverine's aliases while working for the covert government organisation that gave his skeleton an adamantium finish. Whether or not it will mesh well with the plot of the film remains to be seen, especially as we're told that it will feature a western-style aesthetic and a character that's longer in the tooth. 

This has led some to believe that Weapon X will draw inspiration from the Old Man Logan comic books, but given how many Marvel characters are featured in it, it most likely will not come to fruition. Our personal preference is the recent Death of Wolverine series, which sees Logan contract a virus that inhibits his healing factor. It might be a similar plot to that of 2013's The Wolverine, but it would serve as a fitting end for the character.


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