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TomTom might be a navigation company at heart, but it hasn't rested on its laurels. Instead they’ve used their GPS knowledge to improve your experiences outside your car. To that end, TomTom has a number of exciting devices meant specifically for play, here’s what’s on offer.

TomTom Bandit

Designed for adrenaline junkies and family vacations alike, the Bandit ActionCam is at much home repelling down a cliff as it is with the kids at the beach. Capable of recording in Ultra 4K, for up to 3 hours in 1080p, this innovative action cam competes with the best available. But, it’s the 'Shake-to-Edit' feature makes the Bandit a standout since it automatically creates highlights from captured footage with a few waves of the hand. These highlights can also be categorised according to the user's top speed, highest heart rate or maximum G-Force. Retailing for R5 799, the TomTom Bandit base bundles together three separate mounts while Bandit Premium Bundle offers nine nifty accessories including a splashproof lens. Added to this is the fact that it's IPX8 rated for water submersion, which means no case is needed.  

Read what the following action sport athletes have to say about the Bandit:
Nick de Wit
Jacques Marais,
Brian Capper 

TomTom Golfer 

Golf is one of those sports in which everyone is looking for a competitive edge. As such, technology can play a big part in carving off a few strokes from your score. To help sharpen your skills is the TomTom Golfer sports watch, which integrates the company's extensive GPS expertise to help its wearer map out the lay of the land. With 40 000 international golf courses in its database along with alerts for when one is nearby, the TomTom Golfer is a great tool for anyone aiming to lead their next four ball. Furthermore, the Golfer lays out all the essential course information; including fairways, greens and obstacles like dog legs and water hazards. Priced at R2 999, the TomTom Golfer may not put you on par with the Big Easy, but it's a start.  

Read what the current Chairman of the SA PGA has to say about the Golfer.  

TomTom Runner

The TomTom Runner (R1599) is the perfect GPS watch for those looking for key training insight.  Able to display three key pieces of information on its main screen (for example pace, distance and time), users are able to easily move through different options via the intuitive main button. If you want to spruce up your training sessions, the Runners allows for interval training or you you can try and best yourself by competing with past performances. With QuickGPSFix technology, there’s no long waits to first track satellites, as it is race ready when you are. TomTom has also made it easy to access training sessions via the MySports mobile app which downloads all your info to your smartphone.

TomTom Runner Cardio

The more you train, the more important accurate information becomes in preparing for big races. With the Runner Cardio (R2 799), TomTom has succeeded in combining a heart-rate monitor within the watch itself. What this means is that runners can work out according to specific heart rate zones without the need for a separate heart-rate monitor strap. Once done, all your information can be uploaded to the cloud via the MySport mobile app.

Read what Comrades winning coach John Hamlett has to say about the Runner Cardio. 

TomTom Runner with heart-rate monitor strap

For runners desiring heart-rate info, but for whom the Runner Cardio’s asking price is out of reach, the TomTom Runner is available in a package that combines a heart-rate monitor strap for R1 999. As such it can also help with training, allowing you to select one of five heart rate training zones to optimise your abilities.

TomTom TomTom Multi-Sport

For those training for the big race, there is no quicker way to access important information than a quick glance at the wrist. But if busy with more than just running, then the Multi-Sport could just be your new BFF. It includes all the features found in the Runner, but also caters for swimming and cycling by including waterproofing, an indoor tracker, compass and a bike mount. 

The regular Multi-Sport retails for 3 499, the Multi-Sport Cardio goes one step better by offering a heart-rate monitor built into the watch itself with a bundle pack retailing for R4 799. 


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