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With all the trailers emerging from Comic Con, one that slipped by fairly unnoticed is the teaser for Trainspotting 2, or rather T2. Back in 1996, coming off the relative success of dark comedy, Shallow Grave, then unknown director Danny Boyle released Trainspotting. Based on the book from Irvine Welsh, the film seemingly had it all, including sex, drugs and an amazing soundtrack that blended old school flavours from artists such as Iggy Pop with the latest electronic beats, including the massive Born Trippy from Underworld.

Said to be released in 2017, 21 years after the fact, the old gang is back, including Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor), Sick Boy (Jonny Lee Miller), ultraviolent Begbie (Robert Carlyle) and loveable Spud (Ewen Bremner), with now Academy Award winning Boyle again at the helm.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much, taking us back to a railway platform, with our gang of four revealed after a train passes, and a bit of Iggy thrown into the mix for good measure.

It leaves us with a number of unanswered questions. How did Begbie and Renton manage to bury the hatchet? Will T2 be based on Welsh’s follow-up called Porno? Are Renton and the gang relevant in an age of smartphones and Brexit? Will the movie have another iconic soundtrack? How can you top a baby on the ceiling or a dive in a disgusting toilet?  

Too much to deal with so early in the morning, so instead hit play below and enjoy that Lust for Life kicking in. After that, get your glow-stick ready, turn up the volume and shout “Lager, lager, lager!” to the tune of Underworld.


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