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We’ve been reviewing a number of solid Windows Phones recently, including the Microsoft Lumia 535 (review) and the Nokia Lumia 630 (review). If you’ve just received a Windows Phone and you’re planning to hit the open road, a few of the apps below will definitely come in handy on your travels.

HERE Maps (Free)

It won’t matter if you’re in Rome or Rondebosch, HERE Maps will know where you are. Using augmented reality with LiveSight, hold your phone up, focus, and HERE Maps will point you in the direction of top places to explore. Even if you’re offline, HERE Maps will give you turn-by-turn walking directions in more than 90 countries. Use voice navigation so you don’t need to fiddle while your eyes are on the road.

Find Free WiFi (Free)

Stay connected wherever you are, with Find Free WiFi. This app will suss out WiFi hotspots for you where you don’t have to pay to logon. Everyone needs to stop and tap out that urgent email once in a while, and Find Free WiFi lets you do that with ease.

Where Am I? (Free)

You’re at your holiday spot but don’t know where to grab a bite or draw cash? Where Am I? will pinpoint your exact location and help you find the nearest restaurant, mall, bank or hotel.

Currency Converter (Free)

Every adventurer needs a little caffeine kick to get the day going. Currency converter helps you figure out how much that cappuccino on the go cost you in your home currency. This app updates currency exchange rates every hour and lets you quickly convert currencies in more than 160 countries.

MixRadio (Free)

Every great road trip needs a soundtrack and MixRadio spins up your best tunes to belt out along the way. Using the music you love as a starting point, MixRadio is your own personal radio station, without the annoying adverts or DJ talking over your favourite song.

Uber (Free)

Need to hail a cab? Don’t put your hand up or dial for a driver, simply Uber. Having taken public transport by storm, Uber is now available in more than 50 countries. Simply download the app, create a profile, punch in where you need to be and the Uber app will calculate the cost. You can also track where your driver is while you’re waiting.

FlySAA (Free)

The FlySAA app doesn’t just tell you when you’re next due at the airport or help you find out where your baggage is – it’s also a great travel guide, packed with useful information on destinations around the world. You can check into your flight using the app and find out the status of any South African Airways flight.

Translator (Free)

Expand your foreign language vocabulary with the useful “Word of the Day” function that’s included in Translator or order with confidence off any menu with the app’s camera translation tool. Avoid a nasty bill surprise by using Translator’s downloadable language packs and enjoying offline access to the translation facilities you need while travelling. 


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