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If you followed Under Armour you know about their UA Rush technology. This has now landed in South Africa, with some stores already stocking the range. Sport apparel companies can be just as good as those in the beauty industry in getting the marketing department to work overtime, promising a number of improvements to their products that will help athletes somehow perform better.

Under Armour’s UA Rush tech has an interesting pitch, since the company notes that it provides a mineral infused fabric that enhances performance, developed by a company called Celliant.

How you might ask? This straight from the press release: “During performance, the body emits heat. The responsive UA RUSH fabric absorbs that heat and converts it into infrared energy that is re-emitted back into the body. This recycled energy increases temporary localised circulation, promoting improved performance, energy and recovery. When worn, UA RUSH stimulates increased endurance and strength.”

Science hey? The UA Rush range includes men's and women's fitted tees, long-sleeved shirts, leggings and tights, and a sports bra for women, ranging from R749 to R1599.

After the gym or the road why not recover in some UA Recovery jammies? It contains the same tech as the Rush apparel, which could help you aid in faster recovery, promote restful sleep and temporarily increase localised blood flow. UA Recovery sleepwear, hoodies, track pants, track jackets, T-shirts, bomber jackets, pants, as well as men’s compression shirts, men’s compression leggings and men’s compression shorts are available from R799 to R1399 in select stores.

Have a look at the video below explaining UA Rush tech a bit better (or at least with better visuals).


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