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If you are using the PUMATRAC training app during lockdown to keep fit, but find a smallish smartphone screen too restrictive, here's some good news. An update is now available on the web, so now you have more space for workouts to display on.

The latest update allows users to login to their PUMATRAC account at from any web browser, making it easier to follow over 2400 minutes of workouts from any screen. Additionally, the complete redesign of the landing screen will allow for a better overview of the growing library – now, the different workouts, events, and trainers will live under the same page. Recently, Puma added a second round of workouts with local brand ambassadors Takkies and Shane Burnell.

Back in 2013, when PUMATRAC was first released, it was a running application. Now, PUMATRAC is an app focused on offering free workout experiences tailored to any goal with a curated selection of the world’s top athletes and trainers. Offering step-by-step guidance, the app features over 2,400 minutes of workouts for different training levels – focusing on strength & endurance, mobility, stretching, boxing, dancing, Pilates, HIIT, and low impact training. 


 Some of the workouts include:

  • Buddy workout – made for two, led by Pamela Reif and Daniel Fox
  • Pilates Body Basics – Pilates foundations, led by Amanda Christodoulou
  • Super HIIT Balance – upper body and core, led by Adil Ayvaz
  • AM Boxing Boost – morning blast, led by Alvin Davie
  • Tone Up – yoga-fusion, led by Nidhi Mohan
  • Leg Blaster – on and off the pitch, led by Virat Kohli
  • Fit Core Foundations – 360 strength, led by Shane Burnell


Visit from any web browser and start your free workouts.


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