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If you found the first season of Westworld gripping, well hang on to your cowboy hats. The first full trailer for the new season has dropped, and going by the veracity of it, S2 is sure to match the first one. (If you haven’t seen the first season and don’t want spoilers, stop reading now.)

“Have you ever stopped to wonder about your actions? The price you would have to pay if there is a reckoning? The reckoning is here.” We suppose these would be the last words you would like to hear if you’ve just spent the past few days killing androids at the Westworld adventure land.

Yet here we are, with the androids now running the asylum and hell to pay by the looks of it.

The majority of the main cast is making a return. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) seems to be on her own mission; lost soul Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is caught up in mankind’s efforts to retake Westworld; and the instigator of this whole uprising, Maeve (Thandie Newton) is still yearning to be reunited with her daughter. Does the Man in Black (Ed Harris) have an ace up his sleeve? We’re unsure what his motives are, or exactly what his plan with all this is, but he will need to be closely watched throughout.

The series isn’t that far off, starting on 22 April Stateside on HBO. But how quickly Westworld Season 2 will be made available on any other streaming services remains to be seen.


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