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Televisions are no longer pieces of glass and metal that sit in the living room, but have become the entertainment hub of the home itself. Not reserved for simply watching movies and series alone, they also need to offer a greater deal of capabilities.

Playing it Smart

As such, TV manufacturers have had to integrate a host of additional features into their offerings, leading to the rise of Smart TVs. While many perceive this to be a premium offering, available to only a select percentage of the market, Sinotec has proven that Smart TVs can be in the grasp of many more. 

The company's own multimedia solution, Smart Plus+, merges together internet connectivity, an app marketplace, web browser and more than 1000 streaming channels onto one digital ready television of your choice, whether it be HD, Full HD or UHD. Sinotec has extended its Smart features to a number of its products including the E390, E510, E3001 and E6000 ranges.

All the bells and whistles

First and foremost is the ability to connect via Wi-Fi to the internet, which Sinotec's Smart Plus+ units can do straight out the box. Next on the Smart checklist is access to a multitude of apps. With Sinotec leveraging an Android operating system to deliver its Smart features, there are numerous applications to choose from within the company's marketplace. Added to this, Sinotec's Smart Plus+ TVs also tout the web-based operating system, Netrange, to serve up an open source interface ripe for customisation and tailoring. Furthermore, Sinotec has fitted quad-core processors across its Smart TV ranges, ensuring that users’ Smart Plus+ experience is not hampered by hardware lag. 

Catching the Stream

While an Android-powered app ecosystem will no doubt ensure mobile consumers are well catered for, the Sinotec range also has something to offer the conventional TV watchers among us. This comes courtesy of more than 1000 streaming channels on Sinotec's Smart Plus+ TVs. As a result, when paired with an online connection, users can stream content from international channels. The manufacturer has also integrated more than one hundred smart apps to categorise the channels for easier searching and viewing. 

Sinotec has another trick up its sleeve in the form of Digital TV, or rather, Digital Video Broadcasting: Second Generation Terrestrial (DVB-T2). This long acronym means Sinotec Smart Plus+ TVs are primed and ready for the most advanced digital broadcast systems on the planet, when they make their way to South African shores. As such, these TVs come with a built-in receiver for the aforementioned digital signal, as well as a native PVR function to record live content straight to USB. 

Added to this is the latest image compression, known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) or H.265. Employing the same technology used by most high quality Blu-Ray players, H.265 offers twice the compression rate of Blu-Ray players when streaming UHD broadcasts. The result is 50% more data and storage compared to HEVC's predecessor, H.264, which means improved picture quality without any streaming lag or buffering. It's clear then, that when it comes to digital, Sinotec Smart Plus+ TVs are ahead of the curve.

Local flavour

Along with affording consumers all the benefits of a world class Smart TV experience, Sinotec further offers a five year warranty on all its units, which also happens to be one of the most extensive in South Africa. Added to this, is the fact that Sinotec's TV are locally manufactured. This should be welcome news for consumers who derive comfort from knowing their products are proudly South African.

When placed side by side with a competitor's model, Sinotec has assured that its Smart Plus+ televisions will offer equal, if not more, features. When you factor in that an entry-level model costs R5 499 and range topping TV retails for R14 999, Sinotec certainly becomes the smarter choice.

Find out more information about Sinotec's Smart Plus+ TVs here.


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