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Some Fridays we get to tell you about the latest comic book bundles on Humble Bundle. Today is slightly different, with Humble forgoing comics for something a bit more serious. There are two book bundles currently going – one for writers, and one for those wanting to create something a bit more, well, artificial.

If you always wanted to start (or finish) a novel, here’s your chance. The Write like a Writer bundle by Adams Media gives loads of books (in DRM-free PDF format) for you to peruse. This bundles basically covers all aspect of writing, from grammar, screenwriting, good habits, letters, comedy writing, plots, children’s books and writing simply as a hobby. If you feel the need to put pen to paper, or perhaps more aptly, tap that keyboard, then you can pay either $1, $8 or $15 to get the books on offer.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning are extremely hot topics. If you wanted to get your feet wet in this vast pool of information, now is a great time, thanks to this bundle from Packt. For $15 you get books that usually costs as much as $1433. The bundles are tiered, so $1 gets you five books the likes Python Deep Learning and Machine Learning for Mobile. $8 scores you a few more, including Artificial Intelligence By Example and Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for IoT. For everything on offer there needs to be $15 available on your credit card. This unlocks the final 12 books, including The Complete Machine Learning Course with Python, Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Hands-On AI for Finance.

As with all of these bundles a bit of your money goes to charity, with the AI bundle helping Worldbuilders and the writing bundles supporting National Coalition Against Censorship and First Book.


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