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Here in SA, we're still coming to grips with the cold weather of the past couple of months. In the US, however, they are in the throws of summer. For Xbox One gamers either side of the equator though, there is a significant Summer Update currently being rolled out. 

Detailed on the Xbox newswire, it features a number of notable changes and improvements that should please all Xbox One owners. The update itself, began rolling out over the weekend in select regions, making its way across the globe in coming days for the console and app.  

Part of the Preview programme in June, the update includes the integration of background music on the home screen. The feature works in conjunction with a number of third-party music apps. One of the first to support it is Pandora, with Groove Music, iHeart Radio and others set to follow. 

Added to this is Cortana, but only for those residing in the US and UK. Much like the Windows 10 version, Cortana on Xbox One and the Xbox app will allow users to dish out voice commands to the digital assistant. It will also support Xbox Kinect, with Microsoft noting more functionality arriving in that department soon.

Other significant features include Regional Language Independence, which lets users set the language preferences up in the Xbox dashboard themselves regardless of which country they're in. There's also a greater deal of convergence between Windows 10 and Xbox One, according to Microsoft, with PC games showing up in Xbox Live on the console, as well as sharing game clips between the different platforms. 

Hit play on the video below for a full rundown of what the Summer Update is packing. 


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