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YouTube has gone through some changes in recent months, launching companion platforms like YouTube Kids and more recently YouTube Gaming. Joining them is YouTube Red, a new ad-free paid subscription service that goes live on 28 October. Along with doing away with advertising, the $10 and up monthly subscription users will pay will go towards the production of premium content, according to YouTube.

With regard to subscriptions, a standard subscription for PC users will cost $10, with access given to YouTube Kids, YouTube Music and YouTube Gaming. Added to this, users can also save and 'download' videos for viewing on a mobile device later, provided it's on a web browser. If you're aiming to use YouTube Red on your iOS app, you're in line to pay $13 a month, while the Android app version will cost $10 per month.

The reason for the higher price on iOS would have to do with Apple taking a 30% cut on any profits gained on the platform from subscriptions, as Ars Technica points. As such, it appears as if Google is making iOS YouTube app users foot the extra cost.

While YouTube Red only debuts next week, it should prove interesting to see how many users are willing to pay for this 'premium service, as well as what kind of content it will create.


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