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2015 is perhaps YouTube's best year to date. The company reported an estimated 60% increase in viewing time compared to last year. To coincide with the website's increase in popularity, it has detailed the Top 10 videos that users just can't seen to get enough of. The following list does not include music videos however, otherwise the likes of Wiz Khalifa's See You Again (1.2 billion views) or Taylor Swift's Bad Blood (660 million views) would no doubt feature.

Topping the list is Tianne King and co. dancing to Silento's Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) with 116 million. The official music video for this song has four times as many views, with 462 million and counting .

Next is a Super Bowl ad, as Liam Neeson channeled his Taken-voice and gets acquainted with mobile game Clash of Clans: Revenge. This ad recorded a solid 83 million views.

What would a top 10 be without pranks. Claiming the third spot is YouTuber RomanAtwood with his Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!, which has 56 million views to date.

The rest of the videos are far ranging in topic, from US President Barack Obama reading mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel to a policeman in Dover, Delaware jamming to Shake it off by Taylor Swift and even some Justin Bieber in there for good measure. Scroll further down to see them all.


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