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Where there is a will, there is a way. That's often been the mantra for Android device owners that could not access mobile services or applications based on location-specific protocols, and turned to rooting as a workaround. 

It came in pretty handy when Netflix was not fully available locally, which is no longer the case, and now there's some disconcerting news for owners of jailbroken Android phones or tablets.  

Netflix announced it will block access to any device that is not Google certified or have been altered in any way. The precise reason for the update in policy is unknown, but The Verge points to version 5 of the Netflix app being part of Google's Widevine digital rights management solution. 

The motivation for the move to Widevine is to prohibit the distribution of pirated content, which is a growing problem for several streaming services. While we agree with Netflix's possible thinking in this regard, it does pose a quandary for users that rooted their devices in order to add an increased level of customisation, something that is part and parcel of the Android OS experience.   

There is of course a workaround for this new hurdle, with Android Police detailing a solution that involves directly downloading Netflix APKs to receive the latest updates on jailbroken phones.

Whether or not this will have a noticeable impact on user numbers, remains to be seen.


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