Solving your 3DS battery woes

By Johan Keyter 28 March 2011

As the Nintendo 3DS hits stores globally, a novel solution to its battery issues makes a surprise appearance. FULL STORY >


Gaming news round-up - The Delay edition

By Johan Keyter 25 March 2011

In this week's gaming news round-up: Duke Nukem Forever delayed again, Forza 4 Kinect details and Crysis 2 finally arrives. FULL STORY >


Nintendo 3DS

By Johan Keyter 24 March 2011

We review the long awaited Nintendo 3DS to see if the no-glasses 3D handheld can live up to the hype. FULL STORY >


THQ's first 3DS title stars... Spongebob

By Johan Keyter 23 March 2011

As the Nintendo 3DS's release date looms game studios have been announcing new titles for the device, some stranger than others. FULL STORY >


Gaming news round-up - The Online edition

By Johan Keyter 4 March 2011

In part one of this week's gaming news round-up we see Bungie heading to the MMO realm while checking out an interesting new free-to-play title. FULL STORY >


3DS sells out across Japan

By Johan Keyter 28 February 2011

Nintendo launched its new 3DS handheld gaming device this weekend to roaring success. FULL STORY >


First Nintendo 3DS game reviews in

By Johan Keyter 23 February 2011

As the Nintendo 3DS stands on the brink of its Japanese launch, the first game reviews for the system starts trickling in. FULL STORY >


International PS3 slim price cuts

By Johan Keyter 21 February 2011

Dramatic price cuts and special new bundles for Sony's PS3 slim has been seen sprouting up overseas. FULL STORY >


Introducing the LG G-Slate

By Johan Keyter 2 February 2011

LG reveals some juicy new specs for its upcoming 3D capable G-Slate tablet. FULL STORY >


Gaming news round-up - The handheld edition

By Johan Keyter 28 January 2011

In this week's gaming news roundup we welcome Sony's next handheld to the party as well as checking out some mighty impressive games for the device, 2011 looks set to be the year of the handheld. FULL STORY >


Upcoming Sony handheld games revealed

By Johan Keyter 27 January 2011

As Sony officially revealed its next handheld gaming device, the company also announced a variety of titles heading to the next generation portable. FULL STORY >


Nintendo 3DS line-up to be best ever

By Johan Keyter 26 January 2011

Nintendo of America's president claims the 3DS will have to best title line-up for a platform in the company's history. FULL STORY >


PSP2 may be 3G enabled

By Johan Keyter 24 January 2011

According to recent leaks, Sony's upcoming PSP2 may feature 3G support, meaning online gaming can move around with you. FULL STORY >


Gaming news round-up - The make your own game edition

By Johan Keyter 21 January 2011

In this week's gaming news roundup we welcome LittleBigPlanet 2 to the fray while pondering what Kinect could mean for Gears of War. FULL STORY >


The Nintendo 3DS revealed

By Johan Keyter 20 January 2011

Nintendo finally spills the beans on its long awaited 3DS handheld releasing this March, and let us tell you, it looks mighty impressive. FULL STORY >

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