Google's Android Pay wallet app begins rolling out to select users

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 11 September 2015

Serving as its second attempt at an Android-based wallet app, Google begins the rollout of Android Pay to select users touting a 4.4 OS and NFC-enabled device. FULL STORY >


Jabra Revo Wireless headset

By Hanleigh Daniels 12 August 2013

If audio quality is a paramount concern and price is an afterthought, Jabra’s Revo Wireless headphones will be music to your ears. FULL STORY >


Sony Xperia Z - First Impressions

By Mike Joubert 18 January 2013

TechSmart was given the opportunity to play with Sony's latest flagship, the Xperia Z, at a function held today at Vodaworld, Midrand. Here are our first impressions. FULL STORY >


Top tech trends for 2013 Part 2

By Staff Writer 11 January 2013

In part two of Tech Trends for 2013, we look at the things we want more off in 2013, and look at how we fared with our predictions for 2012. FULL STORY >


Juniper Research scales back its growth forecast of NFC

By Ryan Noik 6 December 2012

Juniper Research has now revised, and scaled back, its forecast of the growth of the NFC technology due to the iPhone 5's omittance. FULL STORY >


Sony Xperia sola

By Hanleigh Daniels 29 October 2012

For those whose budgets don't stretch quite far enough to be able to afford the Xperia S, Sony presents its mid-range Xperia sola. FULL STORY >


Prepare for the Near Field revolution

By Ryan Noik 28 August 2012

Near Field Communication brings with it a myriad of opportunities for small and medium businesses. FULL STORY >


NFC mobile payments set to exceed 180 billion dollars worldwide

By Ryan Noik 25 July 2012

A new report from Juniper Research has asserted that near field communication NFC mobile payments will exceed $180 billion worldwide by 2017, as the technology becomes standard. FULL STORY >


RIM releases initial BlackBerry 10 OS developer toolkit

By Hanleigh Daniels 2 May 2012

Research In Motion shares more details surrounding the upcoming edition of its mobile operating system, with the release of its initial BlackBerry 10 developer tools. FULL STORY >


Top tech trends for 2012

By Staff Writer 13 January 2012

Technological progress certainly seems to be accelerating exponentially; with developments reshaping the tech landscape within short periods. Keeping that in mind, here are our trends that we anticipate for the year ahead. FULL STORY >


Top tech trends for 2012 - Part 2

By Staff Writer 13 January 2012

In part 2 of our Top tech trends for 2012, we explore more of the things we would like to see happen on the tech front, and check how we fared predicting last year's trends. FULL STORY >


Sony Ericsson signs NFC deal

By Johan Keyter 17 June 2011

Sony Ericsson sings a deal with NXP to bring near-field communication to its future smartphones. FULL STORY >


Tech Jargon Busters - June 2011

By Johan Keyter 31 May 2011

We try to solve some bad tech jargon, including "NFC", "chiclet-styled keyboards" and "form factor". FULL STORY >


PayPal sues Google in NFC debacle

By Johan Keyter 30 May 2011

In the latest Silicon Valley lawsuit Paypal and EBay is taking on Google, accusing the internet giants of stealing trade secrets. FULL STORY >


The near field future is here

By Johan Keyter 18 April 2011

Samsung reveals some information about the fledgling near field communications market, set to take the place of your credit card within a few years. FULL STORY >

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