Navigating the data revolution: Key trends to dominate in 2024

By Industry Contributor 14 February 2024

Andreas Bartsch explores several of the key trends that he believes will likely influence business and technology leaders as they search for more innovative ways of incorporating data and analytics into their organisational... FULL STORY >


Data quality essential in training ChatGPT, says PBT Group

By Staff Writer 20 November 2023

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm in 2023, but it is not without caveats and concerns. FULL STORY >


Coming to terms with data automation

By Industry Contributor 21 June 2023

Nathi Dube, Director, PBT Innovation at PBT Group, explains why data automation is essential now for businesses and how ChatGPT is driving its adoption. FULL STORY >


Taking care of data management and security best practice

By Industry Contributor 16 November 2022

Any successful data management strategy requires governance and security policies to be put in place throughout the data lifecycle. Nkhumeleni Kutama from PBT Group explains. FULL STORY >


Understanding the value of predictive modelling for business optimisation in uncertain times

By Staff Writer 13 September 2022

According to PBT Group, predictive modelling is critical for any business looking to optimise their operations. Ryan Wedlake explains how it differs from machine learning and what businesses need to... FULL STORY >


The time to unlock the skills development potential of 4IR is now, says PBT Group

By Staff Writer 22 June 2022

If the continent is to truly benefit from 4IR, the public and private sectors must rethink skills development and the way people work, says PBT Group’s Andreas Bartsch, Head of Innovation and Services. FULL STORY >


POPI Act: A data analyst’s point of view

By Staff Writer 14 September 2021

Of great concern to businesses is the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, which came into effect recently, PBT Group's Jessie Rudd offered a lesser heard perspective on this critical piece of legislation and what it means. FULL STORY >


Industry Insight: Data complexity is disrupting specialist skills

By Industry Contributor 21 April 2021

Andreas Bartsch, Head of Service Delivery at PBT Group, explains how the role of the data specialist is evolving and what this means for skills development. FULL STORY >


Industry Insight: Understanding evolving data roles in business

By Industry Contributor 21 April 2021

Andreas Bartsch, Head of Service Delivery at PBT Group explains how businesses can become more data driven. FULL STORY >


Industry Insight - The data specialist remains cloud-agnostic

By Industry Contributor 21 January 2021

Andreas Bartsch shares some insights around cloud technologies and the critical role of data, focusing on some different viewpoints, an agnostic perspective and the need for a strong foundation. FULL STORY >


Livelier AI: Herald of savvier businesses

By Staff Writer 30 September 2020

Heard of Artificial Intelligence? Ready yourself for Continuous Intelligence, Explainable Artificial Intelligence and Responsible Intelligence - and why these will enable businesses to become savvier. FULL STORY >


Industry Insight - Emerging trends: Graph analytics

By Industry Contributor 31 August 2020

Graph analytics is an exciting area for analytics, that present organisations with an innovative way of better understanding data at any level. Andreas Bartsch, Head of Service Delivery at PBT Group explains. FULL STORY >


Industry Insight: The more data, the more problems?

By Industry Contributor 4 June 2020

Duncan McKay discusses the importance of addressing quality management as an integral part of the overall Data and Analytics (DnA) processes in an organisation and how data quality and master data management should be seen as key strategic... FULL STORY >


Opportunities abound for edge computing, but security concerns remain

By Opinion 20 March 2020

Businesses are on the cusp of an exciting new era where they can unlock even more insights from their data, due to significant growth in edge computing. Andreas Bartsch, Head of Service Delivery at PBT Group and Bethwel Opil,... FULL STORY >


Industry Insight - Redefining the role of the data visualisation expert

By Industry Contributor 20 March 2020

Data visualisation, which enables decision-makers to spot patterns and identify trends and correlations in company data that would otherwise have remained hidden, is more a business function than a technological one, argues... FULL STORY >

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