5 risks that SME owners should be managing in a systematic manner

By Staff Writer 5 August 2015

Owners and managers at start-ups, small companies and mid-sized enterprises can no longer have a cavalier attitude to risk management. Because government, banks and corporate customers recognise how vital they are to the economy... FULL STORY >


Sage Pastel Payroll & HR helps to drive growth for SMEs through its business partner programme

By Staff Writer 24 July 2015

Sage Pastel Payroll & HR has grown its business partner network in South Africa to more than 1,000 companies, of which more than 200 have been formally accredited in its business partner programme. FULL STORY >


Microsoft BizSpark Champions Tech Entrepreneurship in SA

By Staff Writer 14 July 2015

Microsoft, through its BizSpark programme, has now opened up a world of untapped opportunities for over 1600 South African start-ups, who have in turn created over 300 jobs. FULL STORY >


SMEs lead the way in local cloud adoption

By Staff Writer 10 July 2015

Small and medium-sized enterprises are far ahead of their larger counterparts when it comes to adopting cloud-based services, says Brian Timperley of Turrito Networks and many are out-competing their rivals as a result. FULL STORY >


SMEs need insight into their data as much as big companies - if not more

By Staff Writer 2 July 2015

In a climate of economic volatility, changing consumers, and globalised competition, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) perhaps need access to accurate, actionable business insight even more than bigger enterprises... FULL STORY >


A cybersecurity survival guide for small businesses

By Staff Writer 17 June 2015

Carey van Vlaanderen of ESET offers advice on what precautions small businesses should be taking to protect themselves and keep vital data from falling into the wrong hands FULL STORY >


HP launches new Laserjet printer range locally with JetIntelligence technology

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 28 May 2015

With large corporates and SMEs the clear focus, HP launches its newest range of Laserjet printers, all of which include their latest JetIntelligence technology. FULL STORY >


SME Survey 2015: The greening of the SME sector

By Staff Writer 20 May 2015

Latest results from the SME Survey 2015 indicate a massive growth in environmental awareness amongst SMEs. FULL STORY >


Dale Carnegie Training on the significance of employee engagement in SMEs

By Staff Writer 19 May 2015

Dale Carnegie Training believes people are an organisation’s single greatest asset. As such, they've outlined five ways the SMEs can better engage with employees. FULL STORY >


How to tighten cash flow management in a difficult economy

By Staff Writer 7 May 2015

South African SMEs may face a difficult year in 2015, with a range of worrying economic indicators on the horizon. That means that it’s more important than ever for them to streamline the ways in which they manage their cash flow. ... FULL STORY >


5 reasons you should take your small business into the cloud

By Staff Writer 15 April 2015

Ivan Epstein of Sage provides five compelling reasons for SMEs to move to the cloud. FULL STORY >


SMEs under pressure to use tech more effectively

By Staff Writer 31 March 2015

South African SMEs are under growing pressure to use technology in more sophisticated ways to meet the expectations of their customers, reduce costs, and stay ahead of growing regulatory and tax compliance demands. FULL STORY >


MTN Business launches services that will host SMEs securely on its domain

By Staff Writer 24 March 2015

MTN Business has launched today Bring Your Business Online, a platform that gives small and medium-sized businesses (SME) increased visibility by providing online presence on the MTN managed domain for less than R20 a... FULL STORY >


SMEs # 1 Challenge Gets Attention

By Staff Writer 9 March 2015

Getting an innovative firm off the ground or expanding it requires money, but financing SMEs is a risky proposition for financiers. FULL STORY >


SME Survey 2015: SME use of IT maturing

By Staff Writer 24 February 2015

At a time when technology tools ranging from email to social media are becoming more complex rather than simpler, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are struggling to cope with the rapid pace of change. FULL STORY >

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