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Palladium Business Solutions is heading for Cape Town to showcase its latest features that will change the way small to medium enterprises view accounting software in future. It will also be demonstrating the new version 10 that supports Palladium's ethic of offering big business features at small business prices.

Traditionally, SME’s in South Africa have had few options to choose from and run their businesses using 'trusted' legacy software that was written with technology that has been obsolete for over a decade. Microsoft discontinued support on Visual Basic V6 on 31 March 2005, yet a huge portion of South African business still run their businesses on defunct technology.

Palladium Business Solutions managing director Stephen Corrigan says accounting software is the heart and soul of any business. "Without reliable software, you are putting your business at risk. Palladium is not your average accounting software, our software has been engineered with our diverse client base and as result we are able to deliver features and processes that stand out from the rest."

"Palladium is more than just accounting software, it is the fastest growing local accounting software in South Africa. It is designed to increase your turnover, enhance margins and improve operational efficiencies. Invest in your business’ software and attend this free presentation, at worst you will leave with a few new ideas and the comfort that your current software is able to meet your current and future needs," he adds.

See what is in store for the future and 'Change what you think about Accounting Software', attend a free Palladium Business Solutions Presentation for 2016 at the President Hotel in Cape Town from 08:00 - 11:30 on 24 August 2016.



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