The cash flow conundrum: How visual reporting can help

By Press Release 23 September 2016

Starting a small business is almost like leaping out of a plane without a back-up parachute. It’s exciting, but at the same time, quite risky. There are several reasons why 80% of small businesses in South Africa fail within the first... FULL STORY >


Tech-savvy HR practitioners embrace SMAC for success

By Press Release 22 September 2016

After recently attending the HR Tech Festival to talk about the new-age of human resources (HR) professionals, Coenette Bosman, head of Product Management: Sage X3 People, R&D discovers that many HR departments are excited about the potential... FULL STORY >


How to tax cellphones in the workplace

By Press Release 19 September 2016

South African businesses depend on mobile phones, computers and telecom services to keep their businesses running smoothly. This reality brings with it a range of implications for payroll calculations as well as the employee’s take-home pay, says Rob... FULL STORY >


How Cloud software can help Kenya’s accounting practices

By Press Release 13 September 2016

Because more businesses are starting up, there is an increased demand for accounting services and an opportunity for accountants to start their own businesses. FULL STORY >


Reinventing your small business: Digital Disruption unleashes new opportunities

By Press Release 2 September 2016

Anton van Heerden, executive vice-president and managing director, Sage South & Southern Africa, weighs in on the annual Small Business Friday and how digital disruption is changing the nature of SMBs. FULL STORY >


Yoco takes top prize in CapeTalk Small Business Awards with Sage One

By Press Release 2 September 2016

The CapeTalk Small Business Awards with Sage One has recognised card payments company, Yoco, as the winner for 2016. The runners-up were Yard Argentinian Asado Fire Cooking Experiences – an exciting restaurant and coffee... FULL STORY >


The Munching Mongoose takes all in 702 Small Business Awards with Sage One

By Press Release 31 August 2016

The 702 Small Business Awards with Sage One has recognised organic and gourmet food retailer The Munching Mongoose as the winner for 2016. The runners-up were child and baby sleep consultancy, Good Night, and MzansiGas,... FULL STORY >


Young entrepreneurs are redefining the rules of business – and established companies must keep up

By Press Release 26 August 2016

Anton Van Heerden, EVP and MD, Sage South and Southern Africa unpacks the results of their new Walk With Me report and the lessons for millennial entrepreneurs in South Africa. FULL STORY >


Two things I wish I had known when I started a small business

By Press Release 24 August 2016

To celebrate the winners announcement of the 702/CapeTalk Small Business Award next week, Steven Cohen, head of Sage One International provides insight he wishes he had known when he started a small business. FULL STORY >


Outsourcing your payroll: How it can benefit your business

By Press Release 23 August 2016

Marina Nolte, head of Outsourcing at Sage HR & Payroll, explains why SMEs should look to specialists when it comes to handling their payroll. FULL STORY >


Cash is on its way out – 6 ways to make sure you’re ready

By Press Release 16 August 2016

The cashless economy is almost here. Just a couple months ago, the European Central Bank suggested that the 500 Euro note will be eliminated. While the humble card is still the most favoured method of payment, digital wallet... FULL STORY >


First out the gate: Smart tech’s competitive advantage

By Press Release 4 August 2016

Keith Fenner, vice president at Sage X3 International, says smart technology is reshaping all industries thanks to an increasing number of devices that are connected to the internet and are able to transmit information. FULL STORY >


Small business should be higher on the local government election agenda

By Press Release 2 August 2016

Parties must set out how they will help entrepreneurs and Small & Medium Businesses, says Sage South Africa's EVP and MD, Anton van Heerden. FULL STORY >


People analytics: HR and Geeks are working together, supercharging business performance

By Press Release 28 July 2016

A few years ago, the tech and statistics geeks revolutionised the ways in which corporate marketing departments work. Now, they’re set to do the same to the human resources (HR) function, notes Coenette... FULL STORY >


Small Business Awards celebrate entrepreneurship in South Africa

By Press Release 26 July 2016

702, CapeTalk and Sage One to reward and honour the best small businesses. FULL STORY >

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